Come Away!!!

No greater love has ever been seen than when our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ laid down His life, and His blood was shed to cover all our sins and turn them white as snow. 

This is what the Lord spoke as I spent time with Him this morning. This was for the whole Body of Christ, as we continue to press through in these days:

"Just thinking about relationships, how do you get to know someone? It's about spending time with them, learning what they like and dislike. Yes, you can read a book about someone, but you must take time to be in their presence  to truly know a person. 

In the same manner, I want my children to spend time with Me, so that they will experience My love and get to know Me. It is the only way. I didn't shed blood to cover them to continue going about things their way. I did it because I love them and want to spend eternity with them. They need to put aside their traditions and just come away with Me. 

Come away with Me! And I will share My heart, I will give you joy and peace surpassing all understanding. Come away with Me, and I will make you My Bride, My everlasting love will overflow in you to have compassion on those who still need to come to know Me."
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