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Come Walk in the Garden

Betty Zakocs
Betty received this word from the Lord on August 21st, 2012. May you be blessed as we were!

Come Walk In The Garden

Come walk in the garden with me. Meet and greet me here as we walk through the sweetest fragrances. Talk openly, honestly with me, for I am neither pious nor religious. I AM is good.

    Why do you think I tell you to weary not in well doing? For in well doing my goodness is shown. I look for obedience not sacrifice. Many think when they respond to my direction they are sacrificing their time and energy. But I tell you, you can not out give me in time or energy.

    Try me and see if I will not give back to you, pressed down and overflowing. This is my response to obedient ones. I will stretch the time and give you the strength to run the race with perseverance.

    Here in the garden as we walk and talk, the sun brings forth great light, you and I share hearts and thoughts to begin a new day. I am with you and you learn of me the goodness that always awaits you in my Presence.

    Never exchange what you feel are the needs of the day set forth, for intimacy with me. I am always available to be with you. Daily come walk in the garden with me. Taste my goodness.

    Try me for I will never disappoint!   


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