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Word for the Day - Prophetic Word

Word for the Day - Prophetic Word

We want to welcome you! After Jesus recited Isaiah 61 was fulfilled, (Acts 1) He said that He would go to the Father and send us a Helper, the Holy Spirit. It is then that we became part of that commission. This is part of our DNA once we become born again. The love of the Father is to be shed abroad so that not one would perish. That is a tall order, but God does not expect us to be so busy that we do not have time with Him. This is where many fall short in the Kingdom. God created us to spend time with Him first. The overflow comes out of that. It is when we understand and know the heartbeat of God that we will be able to do His will in our lives. It is also when we begin to understand our identity --who He created us to be. This is not a works-based system, but rather a resting place to be able to destroy the works of the enemy. Satan came to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus came to destroy satan's works. He commissioned us to do the same. But this does not come from striving. It comes from spending time with the Father.

Christ's Redeeming Love always transforms lives, but it is a process.

If you do not know where to begin with this proces contact us and we will help you!

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Do you want to be made whole? That is a very good question when we look at one another and choose to judge instead of looking inward. The key is to forgive and submit ad surrender to hearing what the Lord would have to tell us about anything. It is not about our own agenda; it is not about what is going on around us; it is not even about other's opinions; it is not about our own opinion! It really matters what time we spend with God. Period. It is not about anything else. What are you spending your time doing? Are you trying to get your family saved? Are you trying to please them? Are you just trying to stay afloat? Are you trying to settle yourself financially? Whatever we put before God, without spending time with Him, we may find ourselves like the 5 virgins that didn't have themselves prepared, and they did not prepare themselves for the Bridegroom's return!

Join us as we begin to prepare the Bride for the Bridegroom. You will not be disappointed!

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We offer many services, and will be expanding in the future. Our ministry is home-based, and we will be offering phone, audio and video ministry in the future. 

These services will be Healing Rooms, Life Coaching and Counsel, and offering prophetic words. 

Please be patient as we continue to grow our website! 





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